April 2016

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When you live in Princeville, it's fun to go down to the St Regis! 

There's so much to do, see, eat, and hear at the St. Regis...it's one of my favorite places!

I was first introduced to the St. Regis in Princeville by walking down their beach on my morning walks.  Every beach in Hawaii is a public beach, and I would take the Princeville walking path down to the St Regis, and then the stairs next to the St. Regis to the beach. Early in the morning, I am usually one of very few people on the beach.  I love walking down there in the summer when the water is calm and glassy and looking at the views over the bay.

St Regis Princville Beach


Later, when a friend of mine with great taste was visiting, she invited me to breakfast at the Makana Terrace.  I was filming an

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I've become a big fan of social media!  

I'm active on Facebook   Anne Eliason- Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

I love my Instagram account Anne_Kauai

I've recently started participating on Quora Anne Eliason Quora Profile

I was responding to a question on it this morning and thought 'I should add this to my blog!'

The questions asked was "What constitutes as luxury real estate"?

That question itself is a little problematic simply because if you're a high net worth individual "luxury"  or something of value is whatever you want it to be.

Here is part of the answer I gave:

I sell real estate on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The average home price on Kauai's north shore is over 1 million. You can get a super nice home with a great

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Aloha Christie's International Real Estate!

A few select agents with Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, myself being one of them have elected to partnership with Christie's International Real Estate!

Christie's International Real Estate is part of Christie's auction house. 

Why does this matter to you?

Buyers and Sellers of extraordinary art, exclusive homes, and exquisite jewelry often shop and travel in the same small circles. Being a Christie's International Real Estate affiliate connects myself and the properties I sell to this group. It also connects me with the highest producing agents around the world for specific and exposure to Buyers and Sellers.

Christie's and Hawaii Life also bring the kind of exposure to a one of a kind property

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There I am enjoying my day relaxing in paradise at Kukui'ula's Plantation house with my friend Erica.  I'm sure you know how laying in the sun all day taking it easy can really make you have an appetite! ;)

Lunch at Kukui'ula's Club house is generally served by the Makai pool, but I was told that there would bring it anywhere we wanted it (VIP treatment). The menu had a lot of fun local favorites, and a few things for every type of appetite.  I had the Chinese Chicken Salad...yummy, and the perfect lunch item if your trying to stay bathing suit ready at all times (if you know what I mean). 

Kukui'ula Chinese Chicken Salad

After our healthy and delicious lunch it was time to get back to some serious time in the sun!  We headed over to a perfect spot with an ocean view, a little

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"It's so beautiful, I just can't take it all in"!  Is what my friend Erica said after our brief tour of the Plantation House at Kukui'ula.

I convinced her that we should start our time at Kukui'ula by lounging by the "adult" pool (it's not actually just for adults, but it seem to be the pool that adults spent time at in Kukui'ula). 

The "adult" pool is an infinity edge pool above the myriad of pools and water slide that flow down a sloping hillside.  As with everything else in Kukui'ula every detail has been thought of.  The pool temperature...perfect, the depth of the water...perfect, how one pool flows to the next...perfect.  The complex of pools in Kukui'ula's Club house creates privacy, fun, accessibility, and if you want a social

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As a Realtor on Kauai I've been to Kukui'ula many times.  I've attended special events for agents where the developers of Kukui'ula wine and dine you to promote their beautiful project...and it is beautiful!

I've always know that aesthetically Kukui'ula real estate development offers the best of what Poipu and Koloa on Kauai have to offer.  What I didn't understand is how dreamy it is!  Wow...talk about living the ultimate lifestyle on Kauai!

A good friend of mine is building a few stunning spec homes in Kukui'ula (and I'm not even talking about how amazing his homes are). He invited me to spend the day at the Kukui'ula Club House which they call the Plantation House. I asked my friend Erica if she wanted to come along with me because these things

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The Hanalei Surf Company sponsors a water sport swapmeet the first Saturday of every month from 9:00am to 12:00am. 

Rain or shine the Hanalei swapmeet has been successfully happening on the first Saturday of every month for over 18 years now!

There are long boards, short boards, paddle boards, usually a few kayaks...and sometimes even a few things that have nothing to do with water sports. :)

You can haggle for pricing and get discounts for buying multiple items from the same seller.  

My recommendation is to come early.  There are every shape and condition of boards that show up at the Hanalei swapmeet and the good ones go early!


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