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Never a dull moment for tropical plant aficionados on the Island of Kauai....

Jackfruit Tree

Jack Fruit Tree

Common Name: Jackfruit Tree

Latin Name: Artocarpus heterophyllus

Family:  Fig Family (Moraceae)

Location: Princeville Botanical Garden

Native To: Southeast Asia, Rainforests and Coastal Areas

Fun Facts: This is the largest tree-born fruit, getting as big as 35 kg and each tree can produce 100-200 fruit in a year.  Tree gets up to 70 ft tall and both fruit and seeds are edible.


Lobster Claw Heliconia

Latin Name: Heliconia caribeae x H. bihai= H. 'jaquinii' (this is a cross-bred cultivar)

Family: Heliconia Family (Heliconiaceae)

Location: Secret Beach in Kilauea

Native To: Both species are native to West

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Owning real estate on Kauai is a dream for a lot of people.  Some people will use a 1031 Exchange to make their dream of owning property on Kauai come true!

What is a 1031 Exchange? Under Section 1031 of the United State Internal Revenue Code exchanges of certain types of property may defer the recognition of capital gains or losses due upon sale, and hence defer any capital gains taxes otherwise due.

Weather you want to buy or sell a real estate investment on Kauai you can utilize a 1031 Exchange to your advantage.  As a Realtor I can not give you tax advice. Always consult with your tax advisers as they are essential to a successful tax-deferred exchange.

Anini Beach House, Kauai

Here are the answers to basic 1031 Exchange questions I'm often asked from people

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