August 2017

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A bank owned beach house in Kekaha the southwest side of Kauai just came on the market.  

All day long people say to me "I'm looking for a little shack on the beach".  Well this is definitely that, and it's priced for a shack on the beach as well!

It has three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 1708 square feet.  Before it was take back from the bank the property did have a TVR.  It is uncertain at this time if that is still the case.  

Here's a link to it:    Shack on the Beach

The house is located across the street from the beach with unobstructed view of the sand, ocean, and sunsets.  Located on the dryer side of Kauai Kekaha is quiet, peaceful, and serene. Also a great spot for fishing and surfing.



Can you see how clear the

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With the popular use of sites like,, or my favorite, Elite Hawaiian Vacation Rentals, owning a vacation rental in Hawaii is becoming more and more popular!

Each of the four main island in Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and KAUAI) have different laws and regulations about owning and running residential vacation rentals.  This blog will focus on the island of Kauai. If you're considering another island let me know and I can put you in contact with an expert on that island

Legal vacation rentals on Kauai are determined in two ways.  Location and licensing determined by the County of Kauai.

The most common vacation rental on Kauai is a property located in a VDA or Visitor Designated Area. There are three main Visitor

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