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Yesterday, I spent the morning previewing homes in Kalaheo, Poipu and Koloa. I have a client looking to buy something he can use as a vacation rental and use as a business retreat for himself and a few of his high performing employees.

This blog is not about that client or property.

It's about possibly the most charming plantation home I have ever seen!

The Allure of a Hawaiian Plantation Home


This is one of my favorite Hawaiian Plantation homes on Kauai. Beachfront on Anini, which is one of my favorite beaches! When I'm first getting to know my clients and we have one of our initial conversations one thing I hear all the time is "I just want a little shack on the beach". Now on Kauai we have a lot of shacks on the beach

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"We've been renting a home on Lawai Road," is often the beginning of a conversation with me about purchasing a home in Kauai. 

So what exactly is so special about Lawai Road?

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Where do I start? How about this video I took of me strolling the lanai of a home for sale on Lawai Road. 

Lawai Road is a long road the follows the coastline in Koloa and Poipu on Kauai's south shore. Located on the way to Kukui'ula Harbor and Spouting Horn, it's one of those roads where as you drive it, you find yourself admiring all of the oceanfront homes and thinking things like:

"I want one of those luxury Kauai homes!"

"Wouldn't it be great if I had a luxurious home like that!"

"Awww...can you

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Spouting Horn in Kukui'ula near Kainani Villas For SaleThe dream community of Kukui'ula on Kauai's south shore has something new to offer!

Kainani Villas for sale are located above the 3rd and 4th holes of Tom Weiskoph designed Kukui'ula golf course.  There will be only 20 Kainani Villas built.  They will be constructed in a 4 unit style and designed by Melzer, Deckert & Ruder Architects.  These architects have designed stunning resort homes from Kona to Dubai.

Kainani Villas Amenities

The Villas are designed to capture the beauty of Kauai and offer a true Kauai indoor/outdoor lifestyle.  There are two, three, and four bedroom options, offering flexibility to the amount of space and layout you're looking for.

Within Kukui'ula Kainani Villas is located close to the Plantation House, spa, fitness

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A video posted by Anne Eliason, HI Realtor (@anne_kauai) on Feb 3, 2016 at 8:09am PST

People are drawn to Kauai because of the way the beauty of the island makes them feel.  They are drawn to Kauai because of the experience they feel when they are here.

If you're looking for exceptional real estate on Kauai, part of your experience is the architectural design - the physical experience you will have in a place that will be your home.

Throughout the world and the US, there are many architects that are known by people that truly care about design.  Their names are known because their designs resonate with the experience and feeling that people want to have.

A few famous mainland names you might be familiar with

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Princeville Real EstateSeveral months ago I started working with Victor and Elena, a charming couple from Moscow.  They are both very bright and super detailed oriented.

When I first started working with them they were looking for a condo either on Maui or Kauai. It's not unusual for someone to be open to more than one Hawaiian Island when they first start looking for something to buy.

After a visit to Maui they decided that Kauai, and more specifically Princeville, was the place they wanted to buy.  Elena loves Anini Beach. She says it's her favorite place in the world (like I said, she's very bright)!  Victor loves the feel and the beauty that Princeville offers, with both views of the ocean and the mountains.  It's a special place!

Finding Their Dream Kauai Home

Princeville Fountain, Kauai

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"Anne, I'm coming to Kauai next week and I'm ready to buy a vacation rental."

Poipu Kai ViewThat was the start of a conversation I had a few weeks ago with an old client of mine.  We'll call her Valerie. Valerie has been a client of mine for years.  She has purchased multiple properties through me in several different states.

We have a great professional relationship.  I know what she likes. I know what's important to her.  The investment properties (and her personal residence) that she has purchased with me have all been great financial investments for her.

Why A Relationship With Your Real Estate Agent Matters

Valerie knows that she can trust my professional opinion and expertise as her real estate agent.

As a veteran of this industry, I can't express

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Have you ever seen a Polynesian fire dancer?  They're unforgettable!

The best fire, knife and poi dancers on Kauai are members of the Colburn Family!

Before we get into the specifics, let me share a little history of Polynesia fire dancing - which began hundreds of years ago by the people of Polynesia. Polynesia spans over 4,000 square miles with hundreds of islands, and it is generally believed that the Maori people of New Zealand were the first pioneers as the originators of poi.

The History of Poi

Poi is a Maori word meaning “ball on a string.” Maori warriors used poi as a form of exercise to train for battle or hunting. By swinging the heavy balls, they developed wrist strength and flexibility to handle various weapons and tools. This

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Rarities mostly captured at the Princeville Botanical Garden.  These beautiful collectors items are organized according to orders and families to help create a context as to where they fit into the plant kingdom.  Some are not so rare but help to fill in that context.  We start with Monocots then move on to Eudicots (Dicots).  Omitted here are all palms, to be displayed in the Kauai Palm Compendium.


     Order Cycadales

Zamiaceae                                                                                                                                      B.




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Never a dull moment for plant enthusiasts on the island of Kauai....



 Latin Name: Metrosideros polymorpha

Family: Myrtle (Myrtaceae)

Location: Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali Coast

Native to: Hawaii

Fun Facts: A favorite plant of the volcano (and fire) goddess Pele, and as such it is one of the first plants to establish itself on volcanic rocks.  There are five types of ohia lehua in Hawaii that can be distinguished by whether their leaves have petioles or form rosettes (this one has very small or no petioles and forms rosettes) and also some have rounded leaves.  The leaf arrangementcan more accurately be called distichous, a sequentially perpendicular arrangement of opposite pairs.  The tightness of the arrangement

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Never a dull moment for tropical plant lovers on the Island of Kauai...


Red Ginger


Latin Name: Alpinia Purpurata

Family: Ginger (Zingiberaceae)

Location: Dollar Car Rental in Lihue

Native to: New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Solomon Islands, Bismark Archipelago and Bougainville

Fun Facts: Ornamental ginger is not edible like the related culinary ginger roots. Much more beautiful than in the photo, it has several varieties including "jungle king" (red), "jungle queen" (pink), hot pink, purest white, and so on. It spreads like a weed once established and was brought to Hawaii at least by 1928. It is similar to the heliconias in that they have these colorful bracts that look like flowers, but the actual flowers are white and

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