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I recently attended the premiere luxury real estate conference anywhere, Inman Luxury in Beverly Hills.  It was great!  Incredible speakers, and even better networking opportunities.  I met power players in the Luxury segment from around the country.

This matters because good agents net work with each other to help their clients when they are buying in an unfamiliar market.  For example right now I have four properties in escrow.  Two of those were referrals from agents in other markets.  One came from an agent on the Big Island, the other from an agent in Silicon Valley.

Inman Luxury, Beverly Hills

On my way home from Inman Luxury I sat next to a producer for the HGTV show House Hunters.  We hit if off, and now I'm going to be on House Hunters!

I'm looking

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Years ago as I moved from Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area of Arizona to Kauai.  As I would tell family, friends, and clients (I was a Realtor in Arizona as well) that I was moving to Kauai a common response was "Oh, I love that show Hawaii Life"!

As a professional Realtor I don't often watch HGTV simply because it is a very edited version of the "realities" of being a Realtor.  Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of entertainment value there, just not a lot of "this is how it's actually done" kind of substance.

However, as I prepared to move just about everyone I spoke to would say to me, "Anne, I love the HGTV show Hawaii Life, you've got to be an agent on that show"!  I had never seen the show or heard of Hawaii Life.  Little did I know...

As a

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