super bowl partyKauai may be miles away from the action of the Super Bowl, but there's still reason to celebrate. It's the perfect opportunity to have your friends and family over for food, football and fun! What do you need? Guests, appetizers, drinks and a television. So if you're interested in a little February fiesta, call up your closest acquaintances and read our guide on how to throw the perfect Super Bowl party.

1. Send Out An Invite

The Super Bowl is only 2 days away so you'll want to invite people as soon as possible. Don't let the nearby date deter you from hosting – people are more likely to commit to a party that is happening sooner rather than later. You can either send a large Facebook message, group text, or call people on the phone. Keep a count of your RSVPs and if your guests offer, ask them to bring their favorite appetizer! You will still be providing the majority of food but an additional dish never hurt anyone.

2. Do Some Light Cleaning

Let's face it, cleaning is simply a part of having guests over. Do some light cleaning of your bathrooms, kitchen and game watching area. Other rooms can be closed off and hidden. Do this the evening before so you don't feel rushed on the day of the party.

3. Decorate

super bowl partyIf you're big time football watchers, decorating your home for the Super Bowl might be a fun way to get non-football fans engaged. You can easily add splashes of the team's colors (navy blue, burnt orange and black and process blue) throughout the room with tablecloths, napkins and cups. You can even use tape to draw an imaginary line down the center of the room to separate fans for the two opposing teams.

If you don't feel like decorating, you shouldn't. The Super Bowl is a casual event where anything goes. You can possibly create a separate area for children or non-fans that don't want to watch the game. This will give them a quiet place to go away from the loud fans.

4. Appetizers and Beverages

Whether you feel like shopping or ordering in, you'll notice that appetizers are a must-have at any Super Bowl party. Chicken wings, nachos and dips are preferred snacks, but if you feel like getting creative, you can opt for football shaped devilled eggs, cookies and other football themed treats. Additionally, you will want to have a mixture of beverages from soda to juice to water to beer.

5. Cook As Much As Possible In Advance

carolina panthersWhen your guests arrive, the last place you'll want to be is stuck in the kitchen cooking. You'll want to have as much prepared beforehand as possible. Of course, some dishes aren't ideal if cooked earlier. But dips and chopped veggies are the perfect items to have premade.

6. Sit Back and Enjoy

Once all of your items are conveniently laid out, your guests will know to help themselves. You can offer your guest a drink upon arrival and show them where the appetizers are, but after that, you should socialize with your guests. Leave out all plates, cutlery, cups and napkins and display the appetizers where everyone has access to them. Now it's your turn to enjoy and cheer on your favorite team. Or better yet, indulge in the delicious food and visit with your family and friends.

Super Bowl parties are truly a fun and great way to gather those nearest and dearest to you. After the busy holidays, it's nice to relax and see your closest friends in an informal setting. What better way to celebrate than with football and amazing food on Kauai? Even if your favorite team isn't playing, you can still enjoy the commercials, socializing and half time show. It's a win-win.

Do you have any other Super Bowl party tips or favorite appetizers? Comment below and share your best recipes!

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