interior design trends 2016Whether you're building a new Kauai home or decorating your own, you'll want to keep up with the design trends of 2016. It may surprise you what styles are no longer in, and what design trends have taken their place. Keep reading to find out the top design styles that you'll be seeing in 2016.

Snazzy Bed Linens

While white bed linens look clean, crisp and fresh, it's time to go bold with different patterns and textiles. 2016 brings in a lot of Guatemala-inspired fabrics, so this year, add a bit of color to your room switch out the boring white sheets for new vibrant patterns.

Hanging Lanterns Are The New Chandeliers

Finding the perfect chandelier for your home can be tricky. This year, skip the Swarovski crystals and opt for an urban lantern. The hanging lights will romanticize any room and will become increasingly popular for 2016.

Pedestals Galore

If you have an odd corner of a room that you're not sure what to do with, you can add a tall pedestal. These platforms are excellent if you have a beautiful lamp you'd like to show off, or if you're not really into oversized plants.

Desks Are Back- But Not In The Kitchen

The days of working on your laptop in bed are over! Small desks are back in style and will perfectly compliment your bedroom or spare wall. Use your bed for its purpose – sleeping – and use a chic desk to make 2016 a productive year. Avoid placing these desks in the kitchen; they often become a space used to collect junk and mail.

Fabric Wall Art & Fabric Walls

If you're interested in a fun DIY, head to the fabric store and pick up your favorite textile design. Grab a canvas stretcher or blank canvas and use a staple gun to create a nice piece of art you're guaranteed to love. And the newest trend for 2016 is using textured fabric (similar to wallpaper) on your walls. Choose something subtle and not design heavy. Your guests will be in awe and following suit shortly.

Country Life Decor

Old world depictions of country life are back in style. From rooster wallpaper to country crockery, this trend is here to stay. Or you can try revamping an old writing desk with an antique white paint. Whichever style you prefer, your home will certainly boast rural charm.

Bathtubs Are Out – Benched Showers Are In

If you're building a new home on Kauai, consider nixing the bathtub and opting instead for an oversized shower with a bench. You might be questioning this decision, but most homeowners don't spend as much time in the tub as they'd like to think. You should always remember to design for yourself, not for others.

Integrating Indoors & Outdoors

If there's an interior decorating trend that Kauai has already mastered, it's bringing the outdoors in. Large sliding glass doors will help you to take advantage of the beautiful climate and warm ocean breeze. Expand your lanais inside and enjoy the paradise you live in.

Mixed Metals & Natural Minerals

2016 is all about bold colors and patterns and bright metals. You've seen mixed patterns years prior, and now it's time to incorporate this trend to artful blends of silver, gold, brass and copper. Or if you're really bold, try mixing metals with unpolished stones, wood, etc.

It's time to keep up with the Joneses and redecorate your Kauai home. With so many new and chic trends, you can be really creative and find a design style that suits you. While these trends are popular this year, be sure to add a little personal flair to each room, making them your own.

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