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About Anini Beach Real Estate

Anini Beach is the stunning North Shore community that is perfectly surrounded by an offshore reef, making Anini Beach a perfect spot to purchase a safe and secure Kauai vacation home. This little piece of paradise is peppered with stunning homes, many of them only a short walk to the ocean if they aren't already beachfront properties.

Prospective buyers of Kauai vacation homes are eager to invest in Anini Beach real estate for the exclusivity, privacy and luxury that the area has to offer. Residents can rest easy knowing their home is protected from storms in a safe, quiet community. Known as one of the premier locations on Kauai, Anini Beach real estate is stunning, storm-sheltered and sumptuous.

Anini Beach Highlights

Situated near Princeville, Hanalei and Kilauea, the expansive residences of Anini Beach feature resort-style pools, exquisite views and spectacular interiors. Anini Beach real estate easily offers some of the most picturesque properties for sale on Kauai.

This breathtaking beach is perfect for novice swimmers looking to snorkel, boaters looking to explore unique ocean eco-systems, or even those interested in a romantic sunset dinner while being soothed by the relaxing sounds of the ocean’s waves.

Anini Beach is also home to some of the calmest waters on the island and is popular among windsurfers and campers. Sandbar lovers can venture through the residential neighborhood to find the perfect spot for wading and fishing.The area was previously known as Wanini and longtime residents of Kauai have created theories as to how the W was dropped. Many believe that it simply fell off of the sign! Other community highlights include:

  • Ideal snorkeling conditions
  • Being perfectly located between Kilauea and Princeville
  • Gorgeous luxury homes
  • Less crowded beaches than Poipu and Hanalei

Anini Beach Vacation Homes

Buyers looking for a North Shore retreat should explore the offerings on the Anini Beach real estate market. Many of these properties are newly built and offer luxury living at its finest. Extensive floor-to-ceiling windows maximize the panoramic views and provide residents a fantastic viewpoint of Kauai's natural beauty. Private lanais, high-end furnishes, detached guest homes and infinity pools are only some of the features that make these residences so magnificent.

Or if you prefer, Anini Beach real estate can also be a quaint and modest cottage, which is truly perfect for an Anini Beach vacation home. While this community is not included as a part of Kauai’s Visitor Destination Area (VDA), many of the area’s homes have been grandfathered in as legal vacation rental residences. And because these secluded properties offer serene views of one of the most protected beaches on the island, Anini Beach is an extremely sought-after neighborhood. From just searching a few of the real estate listings, you will easily see why these properties are considered some of the top Hawaiian style homes on Kauai.

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Anini Beach Luxury Real Estate

The luxury real estate in Anini Beach represents a great opportunity at a lower cost than many other areas on Kauai’s coastline. But that lower cost isn’t at the expense of luxury. In fact, Anini Beach might be the most idyllic location on Kauai to purchase a Kauai vacation home. Soaring ceilings, bright and airy open plan living spaces, and large bathrooms are all reasonably common in these homes, while many of them are only a matter of steps away from the ocean’s edge. Outdoor features like showers, entertainment decks, and mature landscaping will allow you and your guests to feel at one with Kauai’s scenic and tranquil environment. Although not all the properties on Anini Beach’s real estate market are ocean view because of the tall shrubberies, a large percentage of the homes will at least enjoy a dramatic and awe-inspiring mountain backdrop.

Another reason that Anini Beach is a great area to own a vacation home is that the area’s homes—especially those close to the beach—can command a high per-night price tag. Whether you plan to Airbnb your vacation home, hand it off to a property management company, or rent it out yourself, you can easily charge $495 per night for a home on the beach during the regular season and in excess of $800 per night during the peak season. If you do plan to rent out your vacation home on Anini Beach when it is not being occupied by you or your family, you should always double check to see whether that is permissible as some newer homes in Anini Beach will not have the correct designations to allow them to be open as a vacation rental property.

For help ascertaining whether a property is acceptable to be rented out or not, Get in touch with the Kauai real estate professional, Anne Eliason.

The Anini Beach Life

Extending along Kauai’s North shore, Anini Beach is a narrow sliver of a beach that is just barely over two miles long. The area is special as it is mostly protected by an expansive reef that is one of the largest in Hawaii. This reef is a blessing for those who own beachfront or oceanfront property on Anini Beach as it provides a significant barrier from the crescendo of the large waves that are known to batter Hawaii’s coastline every winter. Because of the reef’s protection, Anini Beach is a popular snorkeling spot, although as with almost of the beaches on Kauai’s North shore, you should exercise caution as the area is prone to catching out unsuspecting snorkelers with its sudden and strong undertow.

It’s easy to imagine oneself relaxing on the deck of the exquisite properties in Anini Beach, watching the surf delicately lap against the white sand while the many watersport enthusiasts—who are wind or kite surfing—are enjoying the beautiful Kauaian weather. Although an oceanfront home on Anini Beach might not necessarily have a boat dock, the western part of Anini Beach is said to have a small boat launch.

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