Waimea, Kauai homes for sale belong to a charming oceanfront community where history, natural beauty, and a rich island culture meet. The town of Waimea is located on the southeast coastline of Kauai between the communities of Kekaha and Pakala Village. Surrounded by rolling green hills, Waimea was considered “paniolo country” or cowboy country for many years. As such, residents of this municipality will find that a secluded, rural vibe characterizes the area.

Waimea Real Estate, Kauai

About Waimea Vacation Homes

Waimea, Kauai homes for sale come in a variety of different styles. From prestigious waterfront luxury manors to cozy beachfront cottages, there are plenty of options on the Waimea real estate market.

Prices begin around $200,000 for a small, simple cottage a short distance from the beach. These seaside properties can be the perfect vacation property. For a buyer interested in an investment property, they provide an affordable entry point into the market. They are also popular amongst those who are interested in treating the property as a second home where they come to enjoy the warm weather of Hawaii.

Many of the single-family houses in this market were constructed in the 1930s, and this is reflected in their architectural styles. Often, these houses are composed of vertical clapboard siding and feature expansive front porches where residents can relax with a chilled beverage. Floor plans often span approximately 1,500 square feet and feature two or three bedrooms, providing plenty of space for families.

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Waimea Luxury Real Estate

The Waimea luxury real estate market is composed of incredible oceanfront properties that feature every modern convenience and comfort, much like the other luxury homes for sale in Kauai. The most prestigious homes on the island can be found in clear view of the Pacific Ocean. Many feature loggias where residents can simultaneously enjoy the fresh air and ocean views while still sitting on a comfortable couch in the shade. Inside, these decadent properties feature expansive floor plans, stylish interiors, and top-of-the-line finishes.

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Things to do in Waimea

Island life is simple in Waimea. Time slows to a relaxed tempo. Days are long and beautiful. Sunsets are a visual tapestry of warm oranges and vibrant pinks. Residents of Waimea will find that the downtown core is littered with handsome historic buildings, waving palm trees, and incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.

Waimea is set in the midst of a natural wonderland. The beaches of Waimea are visually striking. Fine black sand makes up the shore, and frothy white waves provide an idyllic contrast. For those who love to play in the surf, snorkel in the shallows, shell-seek on the shores, and photograph the exceptional and unique beauty of a Waimea sunset, this is the perfect place to explore.

A ten-mile drive north takes locals up the mountainside and to the Waimea Canyon. This incredible natural landmark is often referred to as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” This impressive canyon measures ten miles in length, one mile in width, and a depth of more than 3,000 feet.

The Waimea Life

Located on the southern shoreline of Kauai, Waimea is recognized as the most historic community on the island. Explorer James Cook landed in the town in 1778, and an impressive monument of the captain can be found in the heart of this charming seaside harbor town. The downtown is composed by a number of historic buildings, many of which are more than a hundred years old.

Despite the age of some of the structures downtown, Waimea has many modern services and complexes for residents to enjoy. Along Kaumaualii Highway, a number of contemporary conveniences can be found, including restaurants, cafés, grocery stores, a post office, and banks. A few blocks north of the downtown core, Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital can be found. The institution was established in 1957 and provides a full range of healthcare services including a 24-hour emergency, imaging services, family birth center, surgery, and rehabilitation therapy.

Schools in Waimea, Kauai

Parents with school-aged children will find that Waimea has its own school system that includes:

  • Waimea Canyon Elementary and Intermediate School
  • Waimea Canyon Middle School
  • Waimea High School

Waimea High School is the most westerly high school in the United States. The campus unfolds over several acres and consists of sixteen buildings that service four grades of students.

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